About project

Period: Aug – Sept 2020

Client: Clubhouse

Subject: New Website

Clubhouse were referred to us over the summer. They required a new website to showcase their golf marketing services.

Our Task Was

To create a new, mobile-friendly website which highlights their services and drives leads.


As Clubhouse needed their website live as soon as possible, it was imperative that we worked together as a team to deliver the project on time.

  • Both companies were in frequent contact
  • Imagery was provided and edited to fit
  • Content was supplied on-time
  • SEO best-practice was discussed and implemented
  • Recommendation and suggestions were made
  • Meeting were held to approve the website
  • The new website was launched on schedule


We designed and created a website that Clubhouse can be proud to show to their clients.

  • The website loads fast
  • The website is mobile friendly and responsive
  • Clubhouse can directly edit content
  • Strong call-to-actions encourage enquires