About project

Period: March – May 2020

Client: FlyRed

Subject: New Website

FlyRed required a new website to showcase their international air charter service.

Our Task Was

To create a new, mobile-friendly website which highlights their services and drives leads. FlyRed also required a quote form for their team to be better equipped when following up with the customer.


As FlyRed needed their website live as soon as possible, it was imperative that we worked together as a team to deliver the project on time.

  • Both companies were in frequent contact
  • Imagery was provided and edited to fit
  • Content was supplied on-time
  • SEO best-practice was discussed and implemented
  • Recommendation and suggestions were made
  • Meeting were held to approve the website
  • The new website was launched before schedule!


We designed and created a website that FlyRed can be proud to show to their clients.

  • The website loads fast
  • The website incorporates a chat bot
  • FlyRed can directly upload blogs
  • Strong call-to-actions encourage enquiries


FlyRed were happy with their website that this has led us to further work with other aviation companies.