SEO For Solicitors

SEO For Solicitors

Powerful Organic Growth Strategies To Grow Your Legal Firm

Many clients find law firms that they trust via Google and other search engines. SEO for solicitors has become a must in their online business world.

SEO is important to accomplish the basic needs of businesses using search engine marketing or online marketing. Ranking on search engines helps businesses thrive; search engines are a brilliant way for businesses to attract new clients and drive more conversions.

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The Basics

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is an important digital growth strategy that will get your website ranking high on the first page of Google and other popular search engines.

93% of an online experience begins with a search engine.

SEO for solicitors enables you to harness the power of search engine traffic and direct the most relevant audience to your services.

There are a variety of techniques that our SEO specialists utilise in order to identify valuable search terms, optimise your site and content to raise your brand awareness.

Customers expect legal representatives to be transparent and honest with them and market themselves in a way that reflects their professionalism.  SEO for solicitors will help your business rank high in the first page of Google and convey trust, credibility and authority. The more specific your marketing efforts and specialism are, the easier it is to get valuable traffic to your website.

SEO for small solicitors is as effective as SEO for major law firms. Your clients don’t depend on the size of your firm but your specialism and differentiation. Many solicitors invest thousands of pounds on a sufficient website but forget to pay attention to marketing to generate leads and appear on top of search results; a strong reliable website can bring in more local clients. It can accurately reflect your ethics, clients, previous work and highlight your knowledge in that specific area.

“If you try and sell everything to everybody, you successfully sell nothing to anybody.”

This well-known quote highlights the specific targeting possibilities of SEO and the benefits it can bring. For instance, you can target people in your local area and beat your competitors effectively.

For general practice firms who cover multiple practice areas, it can be comparatively challenging to create long term growth strategies for each area. Don’t worry! Here at Green Gecko, we can identify opportunities for growth and promote specific services relevant to your business needs.

Green Gecko Digital specializes in SEO for solicitors to get to the top of search results. Additionally, we assist customers to find the perfect lawyer through search engine results and get the help they deserve.

How Important Is SEO For Your Business?

Target New Customers

Using SEO and social media marketing is a powerful combination that will to bring in more clients to your business. A whopping 96% of people seeking legal advice use a search engine (Google Consumer Survey, Nov 2013), so it is important that we can direct the relevant traffic to you.

Optimise Your Content

Nearly every business has a Facebook profile or an Instagram page to grow their business and build a relationship with their customers. Nowadays, customers approach brands online before walking through the door. You can establish your firm as an expert in a particular area by answering questions and sparking conversations with potential clients to nurture and maintain online relationships.  Blogs, infographics, news and articles are all useful ways to create valuable content that will drive people to your site and bump your business up the rankings.

It’s Cost Effective

SEO for solicitors’ costs less and works better. It focuses on long term strategies in comparison to paid ads such as PPC that get your site to the top of Google as a sponsored ad. Though this may be effective in the short-term, these paid ads will disappear as soon as the payment does. SEO for solicitors helps your business gain an online presence at the top of Google organically.

Increase Credibility

SEO for solicitors will help your business appear trustworthy, authentic and consistent; these are key ingredients for a killer online presence. You are more likely to increase your revenue, generate leads and raise awareness of your brand with your target audience as more people click through to your site.

Now that you know the significance of SEO for solicitors, find the issues specific to your law firm and pursue new opportunities. Legal SEO exists, and today’s solicitors require it more than anything.

Green Gecko Digital specializes in SEO for solicitors, SEO for small solicitors, bespoke web design services, digital strategies and much more for start-ups and businesses. We maintain affordable and client-friendly prices based on the complexity of your marketing plan. So hurry and let your clients find you on top of the search engine results. Get your Free SEO Review today!

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