Grow Your Business with SEO!

Would you like to grow your existing business?

Take your business to the next level. Enhance your online presence, increase your customer base and thrive in a digital age.

Here at Green Gecko Digital, we’re passionate about helping businesses succeed and we are certain we can help grow and add value to your business.

We’ve helped many businesses along the way, from small local sole traders to nationwide enterprises.

Our Mission – “to bring your ideas to life”.

Our SEO Services..

Keyword Research

We’ll identify the keywords your business needs to rank higher and drive more traffic to your website.

Optimise Pages & Design

We’ll optimise your on-page SEO as well as designing effective landing pages with call-to-actions.

Sponsored Content / Blogger Outreach

We work with external companies and bloggers to promote our clients’ businesses and increase sales.

Local SEO

If you have a physical premises, it’s vital to rank locally. We’ll put you on the map and increase footfall.

Link with Google Search Console

This allows us to upload your sitemap and fix crawl errors. Google will be able to read your website easier and improve your SEO.

Social Media Optimisation

We’ll create and optimise your social media profiles, pages and groups to direct traffic to your website.

Keyword URL Mapping

We’ll map out the structure of your website and target specific keywords on specific pages and blog posts.

Optimise for Mobile & Speed

We’ll optimise your website for mobile devices and ensure your pages load fast. This will allow you to move further up the rankings.

Publish Blog Posts

One of the best ways to encourage visitors to your site. Don’t have the time or expertise to write blog posts? We’ll do it for you!

Create and Manage Google Business

We’ll put you on the map so your customers can find you easier. You’ll move up the rankings and increase your online presence.

Build Backlinks

One of the most important aspects of SEO! We’ll build links from credible websites and move you higher in the rankings.

YouTube SEO

Enhance your presence on YouTube and rank for profitable search terms. We can then link from YouTube to your website.