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‘A Good Website’, What’s That?

With 4.4 billion active internet users currently, the digital market is changing as the world continues to embrace the internet. With around a million new people coming online every day, having an online presence and bespoke web design UK has become a necessity for brands. Social media has become the diminutive part of brands’ presence. While social media is important, brands forget to pay attention to the first point of online contact for consumers: Websites.

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In simple words, a website is a single domain which consists of various web pages describing different subjects. As businesses grow, customers are turning to Google to get any kind of information about their favourite brands. They are clicking on search results to satisfy their curiosities. Many bespoke web design sites are utilising paid ads such as PPC to be visible at the top of first page listings. That is mainly because it is the first non-face-to-face experience of a customer on a search engine.

Dressing up websites is no different from dressing up yourself. Bespoke website designs are one of the necessary online ways of giving first impressions to your consumers. Websites need to look good and feel good. The more complicated you are, the more complex it is for the customers to understand your content. You want to make it easy to navigate through and find what they are looking for.

Many brands lose their customers midway because of the complexity of bespoke website design or insignificant online presence. In today’s business world, having a social media page is not enough to get noticed and have high conversion rate. Bespoke e-commerce web design and other web designs vary based on the extra mile businesses go to become noticeable online. Website is a one-stop destination for customers to know more about your brand. Green Gecko Digital shows how business owners can utilize different aspects of websites to make your website, a “good website”.

Top Ingredients Of A Good Website

Why Is Bespoke Web Design And Website Expansion The Hidden Success Key To Your Brand?

Since your website is a virtual salesman, your website should be user-friendly, responsive and good looking for your customers. Though website themes and keywords are important, overall bespoke web design plays an influential role in deciding your website ranking. For instance, using a common phrase for a domain name can help your business to be found online. Furthermore, the ‘lower the better rule’ applies to graphics and text used in a website. That works since optimized text, audio/image/video can decrease the load time of your website. The lower the load time, the better the bounce rate and visitor engagement of your website will be.

The social landscape is evolving as 3.9 billion active users prefer to use their mobile phones to access information online. Although businesses might have good website designs, they lose customers while trying to make it compatible on all devices. Your website should follow a similar theme to provide the same customer experience across all platforms. That’s how businesses provide a killer digital customer experience. You can also go the extra mile by going beyond websites and including e-commerce and blogs to maintain customer loyalty and update consumers about the brand in creative ways online and offline.

Green Gecko Digital specializes in bespoke e-commerce web design and other bespoke web design UK services for start-ups and businesses. We specialise in affordable and client-friendly bespoke web design prices based on the complexity of the website design.

How Does Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Lead To The Success Of Your Business?

SEO is a must for getting targeted free traffic from search engines. Research by Hubspot reported that organic search on Google equated to 94% of all web traffic. The majority of the marketers say that improving SEO and growing organic presence is a top inbound marketing priority. The right SEO can make or break a business online.

The anatomy of a perfectly optimized page uses three SEO tactics: technical, on-site and off-site. Technical SEO emphasizes on crawling and indexing of the website to ensure that it is congruent with search engine guidelines for higher ranking and user-friendly architecture of the website. From domain, URL structure to bespoke web design and structured data, we prioritize this tactic since it is the most essential one in the long run.

On-site SEO is the focal point for content and technical elements of the website as off-site SEO will go to waste without it. A few obvious on-site tactics are headings, title tags, keyword density, URLs, Meta description and more. Apart from them, other important on-site elements under bespoke website design include multimedia, load speed, social sharing buttons, latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords, posting long content, internal/outbound links and most importantly putting your keyword in the first 100 words of your content.

Off-site SEO tactics are like inviting people to your home to enhance your reputation and build relationships with new faces. Before seeking the brands, people have preconceived opinions about your brand. Positive reviews, links, brand mentions and attractive bespoke website design can accumulate positive interactions with the brand by giving them. Social media influencers, contributing as a guest author, good customer experience and partnering with other brands can help your brand get noticed and boost your engagement in the area of brand, audience and content.

Green Gecko Digital specializes in search engine optimisation, conversion rate optimisation and pay per click to help businesses rank higher, get greater engagement and have the best bespoke web design.

Why Is Copywriting Your Digital Landscape God?

More than two decades ago, Bill Gates stated: “Content is King”. Now, this mantra is being used for all types of content and is religiously followed by marketers for bespoke web design all around the world. Words draw you towards brands. Though good images and design work, it is the text that keeps you on a webpage. The first step to having interesting and engaging copy is to hire an experienced copywriter. In places where words do the heavy lifting, it is better to give the job to a copywriter who can make your brand shine and help your content to become conversions.

There are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind while creating compelling copy for your brand. The most basic ones are having no spelling or grammatical mistakes. The internet is filled with grammar police officers who are openly judging your content and the last thing Green Gecko Digital or your brand wants is letting them correct you. Knowledge and research goes a long way in an industry so know what you are talking about and know your limits.

Overselling yourself can also lead to negative reviews of your company. Your brand exists for a reason so make sure that your bespoke web design highlights that and solves your customer’s problems. Though a website is about your brand, don’t make everything about you. Your website should contain what your target audience wants and how you can close that gap by helping them to fulfil their needs. Write something that’s about you but at the same time about your customers. Balance is the key to functional and aesthetic elements on your website. Using content management systems (CMS) like Hubspot, WordPress and Sitefinity can help you create and manage your digital content to stay up to date. Make your copy relevant to user intent and leverage testimonials.

This way bespoke web designs highlights your target audience and provide organised content for your brand. It calls attention to your website by using engaging content and showcasing your potential.


Green Gecko Digital is here to help your brands in bespoke e-commerce web designs and any other bespoke web designs. We ensure your bespoke web design prices are client-friendly and we let your ideas come to life. We are passionate about bespoke web designs and everything digital so request your quote today!

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