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SEO Leicester

Not receiving those much-needed hits? Look no further. We provide a personal and professional SEO service Leicester using our years of expertise and experience to ensure your business top the charts. Regardless of your business, if you’re a retailer, a dental surgery or even a dog walking company – we cater for you! With offices located around the UK, our SEO agency is only a call away.

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Understanding SEO

The concept of SEO is simple – and something you subconsciously use every single day. But here at our leading SEO agency Leicester, we like to make things easy for you so, we’ll quickly explain the basics.

You don’t want your business to be sat untouched on page 7 of the search engine, do you? You want to be noticed, you want to be present, you want to be generating business.

SEO (or ‘Search Engine Optimisation’) focuses on how high in the search engine your company’s web page features such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. So, stop burning money at throwing ads on websites, drive those hits organically with the help of our SEO consultant Leicester!

A Quick Fire SEO Summary

Strong SEO means ranking highly on search engines. Ranking highly on search engines means hits. You know what hits mean? Business and money! If you reach out to our SEO Leicester company, we will ensure your company generates that much needed business.

How Can SEO Benefit Your?

There are MANY ways in which SEO can benefit you and your business, but here are SEO Leicester’s top 5.

1. Be Present

Making your business easy to find is key for both you and your customers. Being at the top of the search engine ensures that your web page is the very first one visitors look at.

2. Be Local

A vast majority of your customers will search for the location of your business before physically visiting (that’s if you have a base camp!) When you choose SEO Leicester, you become increasingly more likely to appear high on search engines which means that customers are more likely to visit you rather than your competitors. Score!

3. Be User Friendly

In a world that revolves around mobile phones, it is key to have a mobile-friendly web page. 76%  of the top 1 million websites are mobile friendly. You don’t want to fall behind – our SEO services Leicester can take care of that for you!

4. Be Natural

Produce the those clicks naturally. Sure, social media and advertisements are helpful, there’s no doubting that. However, we prove that natural clicks as a result of SEO on your web page and are more likely to generate business.

5. Be Trustworthy

If your web page is a high riser on search engines, it is more than likely to be trusted by customers – or potential customers. So, if customers know you’re popular, they will put their trust in your services and choose you over your competitors!

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How Can SEO Assist Your Company?

With 63,000 searches being made every single second, it is crucial to ensure your company is up there as someone could be looking for you!

But are you easy to find? SEO Leicester can ensure an excellent standard of SEO so your company tops the results.

As a result of being a leading SEO agency Leicester, we are fully aware how important SEO is to businesses and making that all important money! Many companies overlook SEO or simply are not knowledgeable about it – and that is why they aren’t successful. Help us help you be successful.

Will SEO Leicester Make Me Money?

Yes, yes and yes! There is proof to state that the number one result on Google will receive 43% of all of the clicks for that search, whereas number sixteen result will receive a measly 8%. You want 43% instead of 8%. That’s 35% more customers clicking on your web page and a potential 35% financial return! It really is worth that investment.

How Do I Get Started?

It’s easy to get the ball rolling. Simply Contact our SEO company Leicester, either through email or phone call and we’ll get back to you! We offer a FREE SEO review. Just click the button below, fill in your details and then our journey can begin.

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Why Should Your Choose Us?

We Are Affordable

We’re the only SEO company in Leicester who offer a staggering 20% off your plan – there’s something for every budget, no matter how big or small. What are you waiting for? Get those customers now.

We Have Experience

We’ve worked with tons of thrilled customers who have seen clear results with the assistance of a SEO consultant here at Green Gecko. Our portfolio showcases our professional and personalised partnerships with companies regardless of their service area.

Apply Local SEO

We’ll also put you on the map and increase footfall to get those offline sales. Similarly, if you have a physical premise it is important that you rank highly in local searches so that the right people can find your services.


SEO is a huge part of increasing business online. Without strongly targeted web pages, it is very difficult for your business to get the attention it truly deserves. Our SEO services Leicester guarantee higher sales, raised awareness and increased attention!

The work you put into your business needs to be reflected in your online presence. By using our SEO consultant services, we can see you rise in the rankings on popular searches, begin to generate natural traffic and produce that all important money!

Ready To Start With Us?

It might seem quite like rocket science but trust us, its not that complicated, for us that is. We will do all the work and heavy lifting for you. So, how about you just get in touch and start with our complimentary SEO Review?

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Clients & Testimonials

Lewis Bell

Director – UK Shield

“Excellent from start to finish, very happy with the finished product and delivered an excellent and personable service. Very, very happy with my excellent taste in SEO Consultants – cannot recommend enough.”

Harry Sekhon

Director – Lemon Lettings

“We’re extremely pleased with Green Gecko’s work. They’re certainly one of the most effective agencies we’ve worked with (and that’s saying something). The best SEO! Thank you, Team Gecko.”

Arofikina Daria

Owner – Coffee Within

“Great service throughout. We went through everything in detail, highlighting the most important parts. I am pleased with the work and will definitely come back when I will need more exposure.”